MisterDoctor Solves the Financial Crisis

Sorry again for the long silence friends. I've been working hard on figuring out a way to hustle up some scratch and this is it; Ive decided to solve the financial crisis through the gift of song. So I've put together a mean mix for you guys but there is a catch, its going to to be offered exclusively at The Candy Shoppe Halloween party "Exit Light", which I will also be Djing at along with Dreamforce. Thats right folks I am putting together a fully mixed CD that will be on sale to the hesitant consumers for the bargain basement price of $5. This thing has some killer tracks on it so make sure you bring your money clips, I'm talking Donald Byrd, Break Water, Willie Hutch, Loleatta Holloway, all burners that will help you groove your way through these hard times. I hope I see you all there on the 31st, come in costume, come ready to sweat.


Back to School With Prof. MisterDoctor: A special mix.

Something special for the people today. My lady is teaching a class to her students in France about blogs and asked me to throw up a mix for them.

So hello students of Besancon! This mix tape is put together to show the evolution of black music in America, roughly. Obviously there is much more history than could possibly be squeezed into one little mix. Instead of giving you guys a literal history lesson I decided I would try to show you how the sound has evolved throughout the years, moving from one genre to the other, always drawing from what came before. So, download the mix, listen to the sounds and give me your thoughts in the comments section, consider it homework. Oh, and listen to your teacher, she knows what she's talking about.

You Know, For Kids.
1. Howlin' Wolf/Moanin' At Midnight
2. Ray Charles/I Got A Woman
3. Miles Davis/Freddie Freeloader
4. Sun Ra/Bassism
5. Joe Tex/ I Gotcha
6. Aretha Franklin/ Baby I Love You
7. Al Green/Tired of Being Alone
8. Marvin Gaye/Inner City Blues
9. The Temptations/Cloud 9
10. James Brown/Get Up Offa That Thing
11. Mandrill/Git It All
12. Funkadelic/One Nation Under a Groove
13. Fat Larry's Band/Act Like You Know
14. Michael Jackson/P.Y.T
15. Kurtis Blow/Throughout Your Years
16. Grandmaster Flash/White Lines

Download You Know For Kids


Mixtape 2 - All I Do is Think of You

(authors note: This post is most effective when you imagine it is being read to you by Barry White)

Welcome back friends. This weeks mix is going out to all the lovers out there, those lucky people who have found someone to grab on to and hold close. So download this mix, dim the lights, pour two glasses of your favorite spirit and get close, sweet babies. And a special shout out to my girl, out there across the sea, un besota baby. Can't wait to see you.

All I do is Think of You
1. Al Hudson & The Soul Partners/I Got a Notion, You Got a Motion
2. Curtis Mayfield/Trippin' Out
3. Carla Thomas/B-A-B-Y
4. The Jackson 5/All I do is Think of You
5. William Bell/Every Man Oughta Have a Woman
6. Syl Johnson/I Can Take Care of Business
7. Leon Haywood/I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
8. Lonnie Liston Smith/Voodoo Woman
9. The Dells/I Miss You
10. J. J. Barnes/ Baby Please Come Home
11. Al Wilson/Poor Side of Town
12. Donald Byrd/(Fallin' Like)Dominoes
13. Joe Tex/I'll Never Do You Wrong
14. Willie Hutch/I Choose You
15. LTD/Love Ballad

Download All I Do is Think of You

P.S Did you hear the new ebony cuts???? Cuebism vs. the recession. Hot Shit.


Damn this economy!

Hey there faithful readers. Sorry for the long radio silence, I've been spending all my free time pounding the pavement looking for some sort of employment. Unsuccessfully. Our current situation is doing some serious damage to my wallet.

On that note, I have some relevant tracks, we all know this isnt the first time things have been bad. What is it about those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it?

Onto the music. The Valentine brothers track is a straight killer; very dancey, nice synth'd out bass line. Just do yourself a favor and hold strong through the 1 minute cheese ball sax intro and get to the main song. What is it about this period that every saxophone line sounds like it should be in the intro to a sit-com(see grover washington jr.- mr. magic) ?

And I can forget Johnny Guitar Watson, super man lover himself. I absolutely love Watson, he has the perfect combo of technical skill, creativity and humor with a great unique voice. I have to admit this isnt his best track but it is still nice, and appropriate. For a real taste of Johnny at his prime check out the album Ain' that a Bitch.

Download Valentine Bros. - Money's Too Tight (to Mention)

Download Johnny Guitar Watson - Going Up In Smoke


Under the Knife: Preview Tracks.

Hey there faithful readers. Tonight I am dropping some preview tracks for my set coming up on this Saturday OCT. 4th. I'll be playing hot disco cuts like these for the crowd all night I hope you all can make it out. These tracks should whet your appetite until then though.

Download Veem Zee - Funky Bebop

Download Cameo - Insane
Download Revenge - You Get High in New York City