MisterDoctor Solves the Financial Crisis

Sorry again for the long silence friends. I've been working hard on figuring out a way to hustle up some scratch and this is it; Ive decided to solve the financial crisis through the gift of song. So I've put together a mean mix for you guys but there is a catch, its going to to be offered exclusively at The Candy Shoppe Halloween party "Exit Light", which I will also be Djing at along with Dreamforce. Thats right folks I am putting together a fully mixed CD that will be on sale to the hesitant consumers for the bargain basement price of $5. This thing has some killer tracks on it so make sure you bring your money clips, I'm talking Donald Byrd, Break Water, Willie Hutch, Loleatta Holloway, all burners that will help you groove your way through these hard times. I hope I see you all there on the 31st, come in costume, come ready to sweat.


Jake said...

and no fucking mummies.

Doug said...

Still need to get my copy!