Back to School With Prof. MisterDoctor: A special mix.

Something special for the people today. My lady is teaching a class to her students in France about blogs and asked me to throw up a mix for them.

So hello students of Besancon! This mix tape is put together to show the evolution of black music in America, roughly. Obviously there is much more history than could possibly be squeezed into one little mix. Instead of giving you guys a literal history lesson I decided I would try to show you how the sound has evolved throughout the years, moving from one genre to the other, always drawing from what came before. So, download the mix, listen to the sounds and give me your thoughts in the comments section, consider it homework. Oh, and listen to your teacher, she knows what she's talking about.

You Know, For Kids.
1. Howlin' Wolf/Moanin' At Midnight
2. Ray Charles/I Got A Woman
3. Miles Davis/Freddie Freeloader
4. Sun Ra/Bassism
5. Joe Tex/ I Gotcha
6. Aretha Franklin/ Baby I Love You
7. Al Green/Tired of Being Alone
8. Marvin Gaye/Inner City Blues
9. The Temptations/Cloud 9
10. James Brown/Get Up Offa That Thing
11. Mandrill/Git It All
12. Funkadelic/One Nation Under a Groove
13. Fat Larry's Band/Act Like You Know
14. Michael Jackson/P.Y.T
15. Kurtis Blow/Throughout Your Years
16. Grandmaster Flash/White Lines

Download You Know For Kids


Jake said...

i can't explain it, but al green just makes me close my eyes and shake my head like stevie wonder every time.

holy shit mandrill @ 4:22 is the funk equivalent of the kool-aid guy bursting through a brick wall.

did grandmaster flash really sample and make snorting noises part of a beat? yes he did.

Jay said...

best mix i've heard in a long time. i love it all