Damn this economy!

Hey there faithful readers. Sorry for the long radio silence, I've been spending all my free time pounding the pavement looking for some sort of employment. Unsuccessfully. Our current situation is doing some serious damage to my wallet.

On that note, I have some relevant tracks, we all know this isnt the first time things have been bad. What is it about those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it?

Onto the music. The Valentine brothers track is a straight killer; very dancey, nice synth'd out bass line. Just do yourself a favor and hold strong through the 1 minute cheese ball sax intro and get to the main song. What is it about this period that every saxophone line sounds like it should be in the intro to a sit-com(see grover washington jr.- mr. magic) ?

And I can forget Johnny Guitar Watson, super man lover himself. I absolutely love Watson, he has the perfect combo of technical skill, creativity and humor with a great unique voice. I have to admit this isnt his best track but it is still nice, and appropriate. For a real taste of Johnny at his prime check out the album Ain' that a Bitch.

Download Valentine Bros. - Money's Too Tight (to Mention)

Download Johnny Guitar Watson - Going Up In Smoke


Jake said...

+1 to the Valentine Brothers for mentioning "Reaganomics."

Jamie Nowell said...

Johnny Guitar Watson fucking kills it.

jamie nowell