Mixtape 2 - All I Do is Think of You

(authors note: This post is most effective when you imagine it is being read to you by Barry White)

Welcome back friends. This weeks mix is going out to all the lovers out there, those lucky people who have found someone to grab on to and hold close. So download this mix, dim the lights, pour two glasses of your favorite spirit and get close, sweet babies. And a special shout out to my girl, out there across the sea, un besota baby. Can't wait to see you.

All I do is Think of You
1. Al Hudson & The Soul Partners/I Got a Notion, You Got a Motion
2. Curtis Mayfield/Trippin' Out
3. Carla Thomas/B-A-B-Y
4. The Jackson 5/All I do is Think of You
5. William Bell/Every Man Oughta Have a Woman
6. Syl Johnson/I Can Take Care of Business
7. Leon Haywood/I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
8. Lonnie Liston Smith/Voodoo Woman
9. The Dells/I Miss You
10. J. J. Barnes/ Baby Please Come Home
11. Al Wilson/Poor Side of Town
12. Donald Byrd/(Fallin' Like)Dominoes
13. Joe Tex/I'll Never Do You Wrong
14. Willie Hutch/I Choose You
15. LTD/Love Ballad

Download All I Do is Think of You

P.S Did you hear the new ebony cuts???? Cuebism vs. the recession. Hot Shit.


Shea said...

yo, this ZIP is empty.

WTF, I put my blood sweat and tears into downloading this, and I what do I get for the effort? gyped. thats what.

MisterDoctor said...

Just d/l'ed it and it is most definitely not empty. I dont know what your problem is